Adaptive Computer Technology

Resources / links

Assistive Media: Current Features Internet TV for Assistive Technology
Sound Portraits
ACB Radio, the Voice of the World's Blind Community
Assistive Technology
School of Adaptive Computer Training
CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information
EDUREF.Org - Assistive Technologies
FCTD AT Resource Search
HCIbib.Org - Accessibility Resources
Omniseek: Disability Library
Reference.Com Library on Disability
Technology Library
Accessible - web accessibility resources directory, links, guides, tutor
Adaptive Computer Products
Focus on Computers
Joe Clark - Recommended Websites
Multimedia and Etext
Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
ADATA.Org - Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers
Closing the Gap - Member Organizations
IBM - Human Ability and Accessibility Center
UI Access | On Spawned Windows
WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Do-It's Accesssible Distance Learning
Do-It's Accesssible Information Technology
Do-It's Accesssible IT Post-Secondary
Do-It's Scholar
Google Accessible Search for Blind